8 Questions To Ask Before Choosing A WordPress Host

The freedom and customization WordPress offers for a site are incomparable. It is one of the reasons most people opt for it. For those who have a WordPress site, a web host becomes a necessary evil.  Presently, there are numbers of web hosting services. Choosing the best requires a wordpress hosting vergleich of all service providers.  At the site www.wordpress.org/, any user can get a gist of the most popular web hosts. Here, we give you a primer on the question you need to ask before choosing a host.

The article applies to both new users of WordPress and those who wish to change their web host. The key point to be kept at the front of the mind is – one size is not for all when it comes to web hosting. What suits one WordPress site might not be a perfect fit for another website. The choice of a web host should be based on your needs and requirements. We focus on these parameters first.

  • Have you allocated a budget for web hosting? If not, do so. If yes, the shortlist only those hosts that come under your limit.
  • Be very clear on the traffic the website receives. This should factor in not only the present situation but also future. If the traffic is slated to grow in the coming months, it makes no sense to go for a host that will not be able to handle it.
  • Depending on the answer to the traffic, the scalability of the web host will be determined. Find out if you need a scalable host service or not.

These questions and their answers will give you a rough structure of what is required by the web host. Shortlist those hosts that put a tick mark in front of all these questions. To further shorten the list and to get to the final web host choice list down the things you expect from the service provider.

  • Do you need a security feature? Is your site vulnerable to hacking? Does it contain sensitive data and information that needs to be protected? To get a sense of how secure a web host is, check if they have been hacked.
  • Does the web host provide an offsite backup and recovery? Data loss can occur due to many reasons. Hacking is just one of them. Natural disasters, theft or hardware malfunction can also cause damage. A backup can restore a website to its original version quickly.
  • Where is the web host located? It is advised to keep the data center as close to the traffic and visitors to the website as possible.
  • Does the web host provide all the support you will need? For example, is the hosting service developer friendly?
  • Caching is another service you should expect from the web host. It increases the speed of the website. If there is in house caching, then it happens on both the client’s end and server’s.

A crystal-clear answer to each of these questions will help to compare WordPress web hosts, easily.

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