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Different Methods Of Word Press Hosting

WebhostingHave you planned to start your own website for your business? To create your website easily you can choose WordPress because it is very simple to create your website in WordPress. It has become a necessity for Website builders to know how to start a self hosted WordPress blog quickly without wasting much time.

There are two ways of creating your website using WordPress. The first one is using the free WordPress site to design and host your website. The second one is purchasing the hosting and domain site and installing WordPress in it. The two methods have benefits and pitfalls and each of them are explained below.

You must give preference to your website’s look and appearance. You must choose the custom theme for your website rather than using the in-built theme. In the free WordPress you can use only the stock in themes where it is not possible to change the in-built theme designs. It is the major drawback in using the free WordPress where your website might look similar to other websites online.

Buying the hosted version of WordPress permits you to choose the theme and modify the theme as per your requirement and taste. Which is the main benefit of using hosting version. Based on your website you must choose the plug-ins. You can try the WordPress plug-in that enhance the functions of your WordPress site. Again there are some limitations in using the free WordPress plug-in.

Using the hosted version of WordPress plug-in gives you complete freedom and you don’t have any restrictions to use any plug-ins. The drawback in using the free plug-in is it never allows you to use any customized plug-in to your website. In the initial stages you don’t require to use custom plug-ins but when you want to enhance your website, this will be a big problem.

The next thing you want to consider is the budget for your website. You would be very well aware of how much a free WordPress costs you and you must decide on how much you can spend for hosting version. You need a hosting and domain in both types. There is an option to get free domain if you buy a hosting for one year period but you must be ready to spend some extra money for it.

Then you need to buy the WordPress theme to custom design your website in a way that is impressive and attractive to your visitors. The free WordPress themes are not catchy as the custom themes. It will cost you several hundreds and again you want to buy custom plug-ins to upgrade your website in future.

If you are developing a business website you must understand that the free Word Press would not allow you to post free ads. If you want to earn money on posting free ads then you must choose hosting version. You must continue to manually updating the themes and plug-ins. In free Word Press you cannot do the updates on your own, only the WordPress do the updates on its own which results in low maintenance of your website. Before choosing any one of these methods you must first decide on what you really want.

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